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Kind Words from The Social Pilot Founders

" Creative and Innovative Approach to Marketing "

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What' Going On?

I started doing vertical videos for my clients and the views and reach has been insane. The algorithm works so well that within hours we can reach a massive audience. So the only difference between a win or loss is how good the content is. That's where my experience comes in with my background in youtube and recent wins on TikTok. I'm a Silver play button award winner from Youtube. It's a silver plaque that they award to their best content creators above 100,000 Subscribers. 


Attention is Currency 

  • Award winning content creator

  • First month 100k+ organic view with vertical video

  • Top video view count 18 million views

  • Strategically increased views by 10.9 million views

  • Get your videos made by my team 

  • Our team is trained and ready to deliver

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What About Paid Ads ? 

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With organic vertical videos (reels) you always have the option to boost a post. If it does well just throw money on the fire and ride the wave. Your hitting two birds with one stone. We edit the video in such away that makes it possible to use as an advertisement. Not all videos get this option, you need to meet certain requirements. Like no copyright music , sounds or images. We treat everything like a 60 second advertisement. We do this without feeling salesy. We love to entertain an audience and plug in your services and bring awareness to your brand.  

People would love to hear about your services but they don't know you exist They are too busy watching vertical
like Reels & Tiktok 

Let's face it, not everyone is a rockstar social media guy like me. You need to focus on your business. 

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Previously Made Vertical Videos





We are on the creative edge as this new segment of social media develops. 
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