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Joey's 7 Expectations
For A Successful Project 

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We believe that in order to have a successful project we need to set clear expectations and processes to help each client reach their objectives. This page will be a resource  for clients to navigate through their questions when working with Joey and his team. 

Positve Attitude

Expectation 1

Joey and his team, firmly believe that a positive and enthusiastic attitude goes a long way in overcoming challenges and achieving success. Projects may encounter obstacles, but rest assured, Joey and his team will be by your side, working diligently to find solutions. We also encourage you to maintain a positive attitude as it contributes to better results and ultimately helps us all succeed together. 


Expectation 2

When starting a new project, there is typically an onboarding period that can vary in duration. Some clients are quick to provide necessary files, emails, and integrations, making the process faster. However, in some cases, clients may need extra tech support to get started due to account issues. While the onboarding period can range from 3 to 10 days, the sooner we complete this phase, the better we can start with the work. We are continuously working to optimize and make this process more efficient.

Following Steps

Expectation 3

To maintain a streamlined workflow and ensure everyone on the team is on the same page, we have carefully crafted a set of steps for each project. It is highly beneficial if clients follow these steps in the order we provide them. Although it's not set in stone, adhering to the steps allows us to track progress efficiently and helps you achieve the best results when working with Joey and his team. 


Expectation 4

​For most projects, we offer up to 2 revisions. Whether it's a Tiktok, image, video, or website draft, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and comments. We request that you provide your feedback within 48 hours to keep the project moving forward smoothly.


Expectation 5

We encourage communication via email for longer discussions and text messages for quick updates. If you feel the need to have a more detailed phone conversation with Joey or account manager, you have the option to book a 15-minute quick call for a fee of $18. This also applies to tech support calls (if not included in your project plan.) This approach ensures we can focus our time on what matters most – bringing your project to life. 

Get Involved

Expectation 6

Your input and vision are vital to the success of the project. We encourage you to be actively involved and communicate your expectations clearly. However, if there are delays in providing feedback or direction, your account manager may need to make executive decisions to meet deadlines and ensure we exceed your expectations. We are all working towards a common goal, and your involvement is key to achieving success.

Ask Questions

Expectation 7

We love questions , we expect that you will be asking questions if you don't understand , do not assume. If you have any questions or concerns at any point during the project, please don't hesitate to ask. We are always glad to answer any questions and address any issues promptly.

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