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Social Media Marketing 

by Joey Ramos 




What we can talk about. 

  • How to lower your cost for content creation.

  • Youtube channel review 

  • Implement software automations to save time.

  • How to leverage the global marketing place.

  • Tiktok posting strategy.

  • Running tiktok ads

  • How to edit your videos to increase watchtime percentage.

  • Learn the best tools and practices in this industry.

  • Youtube monetization (what to expect )

  • Facebook & Instagram posting strategy​

  • Best social media posting tools to use

  • Facebook ads marketing

  • Product funnel creation strategy

IMG_0384 (1).HEIC

Vertical videos.  

 A big portion of my social media content creation has shifted over to vertical videos. Social media giants are in competition with the watchtime and expansive growth that we see on Tiktok.

Now is the time to capitalize on this trend. You
need to discover how you can implement this into your business branding and marketing strategy now. The next round of brands are being built today and the gold rush has just begun. 

Creative and Innovative Approach to Marketing


Tejas Mehta

Save Time & Money

Let me answer all your questions and give a clear picture on what to expect in the wild wild west of social media marketing and content creation.


Ask about paid ads ! 

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"We are on the creative edge as this new industry matures and develops." 

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