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Joey Ramos brings together interesting conversations and unique in person experiences to foster a collaborative atmosphere for growth. All centered around a live podcast format. Joey is creator of Knockeye and founder of Tlux Media a content creation outlet. 

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The world of social media influencers and entrepreneurs is rapidly colliding. We explore this emerging space together through community experiences and live podcast format. 

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We all create a web of impact, whether it's through our daily interactions with other people, our online presence, or the way we add value through our products and services. By enhancing our impact, we can better serve those around us.

The creator economy is an exciting and rapidly expanding space to explore.  - Joey 

With this group we are committed to bring people to together around talks, ideas and community. We encourage collaborations, business and friendships that go beyond the digital screen.  

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What attendees have to say

"Hey Joey, Thank you so much for organzing the event yestorday" It was so much fun. 


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