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 Joey Ramos 
Chief Executive Officer 

Joey Ramos is an entrepreneur, thought leader, digital marketing expert, and the founder of Tlux Media Social Media Marketing Agency. Born in Sylmar and grew up in the Burbank Media Culture , Joey has been around some of the world's leading media minds. He carved a niche for himself in the digital landscape through his innovative approach to social media and influencer marketing.

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Tlux Media and Client Success

In 2020, Joey founded Tlux Media Social Media Marketing Agency. Under his leadership, the agency now delivers cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and elevates brands to new heights.

Joey's innovative thinking and forward-looking approach are constantly recognized by leaders in the space. Joey is a forward thinker, navigating the intersection of emerging markets and cultural trends.

A Web Of Impact Podcast & Community

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Joey Ramos is the host of the podcast & community "A Web of Impact." Through this platform, he orchestrates insightful conversations and in-person experiences, fostering a collaborative atmosphere for growth among influencers and entrepreneurs. The podcast has become a hub for sharing insights, stories, and fostering meaningful connections within the business and leaders in the  community.


Feel free to connect with Joey Ramos to share your ideas, suggestions, or business inquiries. He welcomes collaboration and values the exchange of advice. Your input is appreciated, and Joey looks forward to engaging in meaningful conversations with you.


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